Shaping Quality Organizations 
 Achieving strategic change requires more than redirecting focus and re-organizing structure. It is also about changing the organization’s culture, values, processes and roles. HRM works to realize strategy through developing the culture, structures, jobs and processes necessary for organizations to compete effectively, reconcile the necessary changes and manage them to successful outcomes.
Valuing Work
 Understanding the contribution made by different roles and jobs to the success of the organization is a vital input to the design of a wide range of human resource interventions. These include organization structures and processes, reward management, succession planning and cost containment. Through seminars and consulting work, HRM helps organizations define and analyze work, jobs, roles and teams to match their needs.
 Selecting, Developing & Motivating People
 The motivation of an organization’s people resources is central to its ability to achieve and maintain high performance. Finding, realizing and retaining employee potential is vital. HRM’s proven approach to the selection, assessment, training, development and motivation of people helps organizations find the right people for their organization, and unlock the value of existing employees.
 Managing Performance
 A key to the success of all organizations lies in ensuring that corporate purpose and strategies are translated into individual employee objectives and motivation. HRM works with organizations to develop processes for translating the two-way relationship between corporate objectives and employee goals, managing employees’ performance improvement and conducting performance reviews.
Rewarding Performance
Dynamic organizations of today must shape their remuneration policies to reflect and respond to current changing needs. The approach to successful remuneration systems is aimed at adding value to the organization’s overall performance by designing creative, cost-effective and flexible compensation systems which meet its business challenges and support its desired culture.